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Module 3: Fabric, Needles, Threads and Notions Class

Module 3: Fabric, Needles, Threads and Notions Class

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The world of sewing products can be overwhelming to an individual just starting out.

This 2 hour class will familiarize the student with different fabrics, especially those more appropriate for beginners.  Threads and needles may sound simple but there are so many different sizes and type. Students will learn how to match threads and needles to their projects.  Finally, what notions and tools are needed to begin sewing? Sign up and find out.  

**IF you do not own a sewing machine, don't fret! I have machines available for student use.  It is always a plus for students to learn on their own machine, but really the parts are very similar and most of the utility stitches on any brand of machine are very similar if not identical.

Please select a time slot that works best for your schedule below. Cyndy, our lead teacher and owner of the Workshop will be in-touch to set the time your Module class will be held. 

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