About Us


Hi! I’m Cyndy, a passionate sewing and fiber arts enthusiast. There is just nothing better than the feel of fabric, planning a project and turning a flat piece of material into a multi-dimensional project. Let me tell you a bit about my sewing journey.

The women in my family sewed and if you were a girl in my family, you were expected to learn how to sew. Fortunately, I really liked sewing. Most of my early sewing education was self taught by sewing for my dolls. I begged my grandmother to teach me to crochet and let me iron. She finally gave in and showed me how to read a crochet pattern and started me ironing hankies (Still love to iron and boy do I have a fantastic iron.) My mom eventually let me run the old Universal sewing machine and I completed my first dress at age 8. The frock was sewn from a pink and white stripe cotton and styled with an empire waist.

I sewed most of my clothes as a teen and college student. I made shirts for my husband and sewed for my children. Basically, I sewed for everyone who needed something sewn. I thought I was very accomplished until I took a class from the late Roberta Carr. What an experience, and did I ever have a lot to learn. From that point forward, sewing and fiber arts classes have been a vital part of my sewing experience.

One summer, the local county fair contacted me to judge the 4-H clothing entries. I was so excited to have judging responsibilities and see the garment entries. What a surprise to see so few entries, and the lack of solid sewing skills gave me pause. That was the moment I decided to offer sewing lessons and help with 4-H sewing projects. There was such a positive response with the kids, that I decided to start a sewing school.

Twenty-five years later, I am still excited each time a student has success with a sewing project. It is a joy and and an honor to share my passion with every person who expresses a desire to learn to sew. And that leads us to today and Einstein Sewing Workshop!! I can't wait to teach and explore with Kids & Adults here in our community!!

Wait there’s more. Five fun facts about me:

1. I have a foundation quarter horse named Pete. Trail riding is our game.

2. Diet Mountain Dew is always in my refrigerator.

3. The most famous person I know is fashion designer Kenneth D. King. Turns out I took music lessons near his boyhood home when I was a kid. We are even about the same age.

4. My crazy white curly hair earns me gigs as Mrs. Claus.

5. I selected the combine that is used on our farm because I am the chief combine operator at harvest time.